Multifabs Gifts Eid Dress To Amar Jhoti Special School For Especially Abled Children

The event was held on 17th April 2023 at Amar Jhoti Special School, where representatives from Multifabs, Md. Alamin Sikder & Kh. Ahmadul Karim, and Farida Farvin Shila, Executive Director of DRRA, along with the teachers and families of the students were present. The event was carried out with utmost care and attention to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

Amar Jhoti Special School provides a secure and welcoming atmosphere for students with special needs to receive education and support. The school acts as a ray of hope for these students and their families, helping them grow and develop their skills.

The distribution of Eid dresses to the students was a heartwarming event that brought smiles to everyone’s faces. The teachers and families of the students expressed their gratitude towards Multifabs Limited for their thoughtful gesture towards these students with special needs.

Multifabs Limited is committed to giving back to the community and supporting those in need. This initiative is a testament to their commitment towards creating a positive impact on society. The company hopes to inspire others to join hands in spreading joy and happiness among the less fortunate.

In conclusion, the event was a huge success, and Multifabs Limited looks forward to continuing their partnership with Amar Jhoti Special School and supporting the community in any way possible.

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Multifabs Gifts Eid Dress To Amar Jhoti Special School For Especially Abled Children

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