Welcome to Multifabs Limited

In our 30+ years of Commitment to Quality and Doing Good, we built a legacy of trust, people and products fueled by our passion for endearing sustainability

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Commitment to Quality

Explore our range of products, made from the best and most ethical materials available, and through the best in textile manufacturing technology

Our Clients

Trusted by Clients all over the World

We have a strong B2B network, where our products reach shelves of the biggest retail chains in the world.

Our Legacy

Founded in 1993 by late Mr. Mahiuddin Faruqui, the former and founder Chairman and Managing Director of the Company, Multifabs Limited has seen fast and exponential growth in the RMG sector of Bangladesh.

From 2020, his son and successor, Dr. Mesba Faruqui holds the position of Managing Director and has been realising the company vision of becoming a leader in the local and global RMG industry.

Our Commitment to

Quality and Excellence

We provide the highest standards of products and service catering to the best of our clients’ needs, using top-of-the-line methods and materials.

Our Commitment to

Sustainable Practices

From every thread and button, we move beyond just compliance to ensure the best of sustainable practices, including raw materials, people management and energy & resource management.

Our Commitment to

People and Communities

We believe in taking care of each of the 1,000+ members working to fulfil our clients’ needs. From extended leaves to education and out-of-job support, our CSR and HR programs are designed with wellbeing at the core.


Our Values

Through our 30+ years legacy, our values held strong in every technological, social and organizational decision we took that shapes us today.  

Transparency and Integrity

We will always conduct ourselves, internally and externally with the highest degree of trust, integrity, and ethics.

People First Approach

We will foster an environment where our people are valued, treated with respect, empathy and compassion.

Commitment to Quality

We will continuously engage with our customers to ensure highest quality product and service is delivered.

Social Responsibility

We will always conduct our business in a responsible manner to serve the communities and planet that we live in.

Take Action

Be a Part of the Change we Do.

If you are a non-profit working for changed or simply a citizen concerned about problems around you, join our platforms to send your ideas or be aware of problems in your Community.

Are you a non-profit or youth volunteer organization looking for CSR funds? Send us your proposal and we can work together to solve peoblems around us.
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Learn about Social causes around you, and how we can overcome them together.
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